GSU’s Eighth Annual Undergraduate Mathematics Competition

Geometry problem worked out on a chalkboard.

Image courtesy of Caramdir on Flickr. (CC BY -NC 2.0)

Like problem solving and creative math problems? The Mathematics and Statistics Department is holding its Eighth Annual Undergraduate Mathematics Competition, open to anyone currently enrolled in a GSU undergraduate mathematics course, on March 23rd. More details from the department are here, but do you want practice solving math problems before the competition? The library can help!

After you’ve looked at last year’s problems, check out some of our books on mathematics competitions and interesting problem sets:

Andreescu, Titu, and Rǎzvan Gelca. Mathematical Olympiad Challenges. Boston: Birkhäuser, 2000.

Hardy, Kenneth, and Kenneth S Williams. The Green Book: 100 Practice Problems for Undergraduate Mathematics Competitions. Ottawa: Integer Press, 1985.

Honsberger, Ross. From Erdös to Kiev: Problems of Olympiad Caliber. Washington, D.C.: Mathematical Association of America, 1996.

Erickson, Martin J. Aha! Solutions. Washington, D.C.: Mathematical Association of America, 2009.

Trigg, Charles W. Mathematical Quickies: 270 Stimulating Problems with Solutions. New York: Dover Publications, 1985.


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