Writing Studio Pedagogy for Tutoring and the Classroom: Writing Studio Session, Thursday November 15th

Writing Studio Pedagogy for Tutoring and the Classroom, Kelly Elmore– 12pm Troy Moore Library, 9th Floor General Classroom Building–Thursday, November 15th

This presentation will present some of the essential ideas of writing studio pedagogy for use in the Studio and in the classroom, including collaborative strategies and a focus on the long-term development of the writer. Some library resources related to this topic include the following: Teaching/writing in thirdspaces; Dispatches from the classroom; and Student writing in the quantitative disciplines.

 Kelly Elmore is an M.A. student in rhetoric and composition at GSU and got her B.A. in English literature at the University of the South at Sewanee. Since then, she’s done about a million different teaching jobs, including gymnastics, writing, math, and parent education, all of which made her happy because she loves working with students on achieving their goals. Her main academic interests are in writing center studies and composition theory and pedagogy.


About rdrummond

I am the subject librarian at Georgia State University for language and literature in the departments Applied Linguistics and English as a Second Language, English, and Modern and Classical Languages.
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