Old Acquaintance Reunion 4

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00:00:00 - Mingling

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Partial Transcript: Indistinct background converstation

Subjects: Attendees of the reunion mingle.

00:00:49 - Textile workers

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Partial Transcript: BUD NEIL: I'm Bud Neil, I went to work when I was 14 years old doffing twisters, but I made more than the average people, I made a nickle an hour.

Segment Synopsis: Various attendees discuss their work in the textile mill.

Keywords: East Newnan Cotton Mill; doffer; spinners; winders

Subjects: Child labor; Textile workers

00:09:42 - Etta Mae Zimmerman's Commendation

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Partial Transcript: M1; Anything more I've got a couple of certificates honoring both an individual among you that um, really began this whole process and that we are all indebted to for bringing us together. And then a general commendation to you as a group for the wonderful things you have done over these 25 years.

Segment Synopsis: Etta Mae Zimmerman is commended by Georgia State University for organizing the reunions, and gives a little background on how they came to be.

Subjects: Georgia State University; Working class women; Working class--Social life and customs

00:14:34 - T.G.'s commendation.

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Partial Transcript: M1: And if I could as T.G. to come back up. I don't know did he, did he disappear? And I know he's told me many times, and I believe him, that he doesn't take responsibility for this reunion.

Segment Synopsis: T.G. receives a commendation for his work in organizing the reunions from Georgia State University

Subjects: Georgia State University; Working class--Social life and customs

00:15:14 - Looking at photos

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Partial Transcript: M1; Uh as I say, its a great-

F1: (inaudible)

Segment Synopsis: Various attendees help identify places and activities in various pictures.

Keywords: photographs; spinning; stretch-out; winders

Subjects: Textile factories

00:21:29 - Watching video of interviews

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Partial Transcript: GEORGE STONEY: Alright we want you to see, we've been around talking with a lot of you about life in the mills. We just want you to see a little bit of one of our start witnesses.

Segment Synopsis: Attendees of the reunion watch some of the interviews.

Keywords: eviction from mill village houses

Subjects: Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945; Rural-urban migration; Working class-- dwellings; Working class--Recreation

00:25:55 - Life in the mill village

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Partial Transcript: F1: My daddy was sick along then and he wasn't able to work, so they let me work. They'd lay off all the married women and everything at that time, but they didn't lay me off.

Segment Synopsis: Textile workers talk about their lives in the mill village.

Keywords: baseball team; mill villages

Subjects: Hogansville (Ga.); Working class women; Working class--Dwellings